Karwai Chan is a self-taught artist based in Malaysia. She paints to capture the essence of life’s must challenging and successful moments and the intense emotions linked with them. Her art is being commissioned by large, public listed companies around the world. Her clients range from entrepreneurs and politicians to Formula 1 institutions like McLaren. And race cars are a favourite motif, which have caught the interest of collectors of art and limited edition supercars alike. Today her art is exhibited in both art galleries and race car showrooms.

I believed that painting is a unique form of art that paves the way for all the artists to express their hidden desires, feelings and expressions. I started painting at a very young age. I have always been fond of colours and have always felt a strong urge to experiment with them. Painting to me is an art in its highest form of continuous refinement. One needs patience, perseverance as well as a meticulous nature. I always felt that art is not just merely a craftwork, but it embodies the mind and soul of an artist. I believed that colours are capable of adding life to any image which words alone cannot described.

Finding Solace and Inspiration in Painting

Karwai found her medium for expressing her thoughts and feelings in oil painting
and installation art. Growing up, her family couldn’t afford art school, but she
had an urge to paint from an early age. Struggling to pay for materials she would
skip lunch to save for pencils and paint. As an unschooled artist, she didn’t have
much confidence and sold her works at low prices. But her desire to express
herself couldn’t be suppressed by relatives telling her there was “no future in
being an artist.”

When she was 14 years old her father passed away. That devastated her so
gravely that she fell into depression. Painting was, and still is, her way of dealing
with that emotional loss and similar deep-rooted feelings. As a form of selftherapy, she works her emotions into the colours on the canvas. From the happiest days to the lowest of lows, Karwai lets her brush strokes express what
she feels in the moment.

Break Through & Charity Work

Achieving recognition from established voices in the art world has given Karwai
the confidence to express her innermost feelings and ideas in her art. The first
time her artworks went for extravagant bids on auction, become her turning
point for believing in her own talent. Since then, her career has allowed her to exhibit her artworks among prestigious luxury cars. And raise five digit figures for
the Singapore Red Cross on her first charity auction in the Grand Hyatt hotel.
Charity work lays close to Karwai’s heart. Her goal is to continue raising money
to charity by donating the proceeds of art works to humanitarian causes. Her
own struggles with loss, depression and unprivileged upbringing drives her
passion for helping others.

I paint motifs that inspire people to overcome challenges. My works should awake warm feelings every time you look at them. I capture race car drivers who against all odds have reached the top of their sport. They are an inspiration to all of us, that we can reach our dreams.

Realism & Colour: Crafting a Unique Expression

Having taught herself how to paint and build compositions, Karwai is not limited to the conventional motifs that many schooled artists paint. Instead she portrays race cars, Formula 1 drivers, and pop cultural icons with the same enthusiasm and detail as wild animals, volcanic eruptions and portraits. More important than the motif, is what the audience feels when looking at the painting. Her artistic choices are not restricted to traditions, but speaks directly to her selective clientele. To them the oil paintings add soul to car showrooms and exclusive interiors.

Great opportunities don’t come everyday. I aspire to reach greater heights and carve my own path of success through my painting exhibitions. I do not long for attention and rather intend to capture the hearts and mind of the patient observer who view my paintings as a unique, enriching and heartwarming experience.

Karwai’s exhibitions present an eclectic collection of motifs serving as a reminder to the audience of the opportunities life offers in the midst of adversity. Especially reminding other young artists never to give up on their art. The exclusivity of her works, has made them popular investment pieces. Several Karwai paintings have increased in value since they were first sold. Unlike any other investment, an artwork will bring joy, inspiration and energy when you look at it.

“Art enriches people’s lives in so many ways. That is what makes it
eternal.” — Karwai Chan