Case Study Romanticse

180x120CM Oil On Canvas

A real painting contains another painting within. You can see three cupids standing in front of the famous painting titled “The Triumph of Galatea”. These cupids appear to admire, yet also question, the cupids in the painting. They wonder why the cupids inside the artwork seem so intricate.

As for a brief summary of “The Triumph of Galatea”: “The Triumph of Galatea” by Raphael portrays the sea nymph Galatea surrounded by playful cupids and sea creatures. In the associated myth, the Cyclops Polyphemus is in love with Galatea. However, out of jealousy, he crushes her lover, Acis, with a boulder. The painting extols Galatea’s divine beauty and grace, and the surrounding cupids emphasize the multifaceted nature of love. While the tragic action of Polyphemus isn’t the primary focus, it serves as a reminder of love’s complexities and repercussion .

In my opinion, Cyclops Polyphemus loves himself more than he loves Galatea.

*In jealousy, there’s more self-love than love. Don’t use the name of love as just an excuse.