George Floyd

122 X 92 cm Charcoal Art Installation

The recent death of George Floyd has brought to many of our attention globally. This artwork was constructed in memory of George Floyd .

It was carefully crafted using charcoal. Although charcoal may seems invaluable to many, however it is useful in many ways. One of it was to use for an artwork. It took me a total of 33 hours to complete this artwork . The process in crafting out this artwork was excruciating to the extend that I actually injured my hands and fingers . However, this artwork paints a strong underlying meaning and value of equality in humanity, and in memory of George Floyd which makes me push it through and complete this artwork.

This incident has also brought back many unpleasant memories for me. When I was younger in my early childhood days, many people mistook me as other National just because I was born with darker tanned skin tone as compared to other asians. I had a hard time overcoming all the criticism and remarks from people around me.

I strongly believe in equality in each and everyone of us regardless nationality, race, language or religion.
Let’s stop racism, discriminating & violence!


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