Lewis Hamilton

 80 X 100 cm Oil on canvas

As Lewis Hamilton once said, “As a driver, you’ve always got to believe in your heart that you’ve got what it takes to win it. You’ve always got to believe in yourself. You’ve always got to arrive on the day and believe it can happen. You’ve always got to believe in the positivists.”
Throughout my entire journey in art, Lewis’s words of inspiration not only has been a source of constant motivation for me but these words built and shaped my beliefs.
As he quoted, you need to be accepted for who you are and be proud of who you are and your own style, that’s what I am trying to achieve. I do not aspire to be like other artists. I want to embrace my individuality completely and be unique in my own way. As a self-taught artist, his words impel me to be someone who stands out from the crowd of other people.
His words of motivation taught me how to be confident and gave me the courage to believe that art is my field, it is what I am good at and it is where I belong. I do not ever want to stop learning and exploring art as my life.


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