Make Love Sick

100 X 140cm , Mixed Medium

Love has the power to transform a person for better or for worse. The essence of this artwork revolves around a poker card concept, featuring two facets of Harley Quinn. One portrays her before encountering the Joker when she was still a psychological doctor, while the other reflects the change in her appearance and character after meeting him.

While many perceive her transformation as a descent into a darker persona, it’s worth considering whether, from her perspective, she is simply embracing her true self and relishing the moment. This piece, depicted in a poker card format, symbolizes the choices we hold in our hands. Rather than definitively casting her as a ‘bad girl,’ why not view her as someone who has found authenticity in the chaos?

The beauty of this painting lies in its ability to be turned and twisted, allowing viewers to alter the face they wish to see, emphasizing the dynamic nature of interpretation.