The Big Boss

80 x 100 cm, Mixed Medium

Bruce Lee, a man of formidable strength, remained steadfast in his authenticity, embracing both himself and others, regardless of their opinions. His unwavering commitment to his passions, encompassing philosophy and martial arts, transformed him into a legendary figure. Lee’s heroism stemmed from his steadfast belief in his abilities and aspirations, particularly his ambition to showcase martial arts to Americans and bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. Facing various challenges, he never retreated, solidifying his status as an enduring hero.

Yet, amidst his heroic journey, Lee grappled with profound physical pain and sleep issues, leading him to seek solace in drugs, a struggle depicted in the nuanced details in the painting. The artwork reveals not only the formulas of the substances he ingested but also portrays him kicking against his own afflictions, symbolizing his relentless effort to overcome them. The underlying message is poignant: heroes are, fundamentally, human. They bear their own burdens and endure hardships, urging us to refrain from placing them on pedestals burdened with unrealistic expectations.

*Be water , my friend .