Exhibition Cupid Rhapsody: Way Back Into Love

After my very first solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to embark on a
journey to broaden my horizons and fully embrace life. During this enchanting voyage, I
engaged with a diverse array of people, and each individual’s story piqued my curiosity.
Each encounter contributed to the mosaic of my experience, ultimately forming a
connection with my Cupid-themed series of creations.
In the aftermath of the pandemic, I noticed a prevailing sense of ennui that had
settled upon human lives. The hustle and bustle seemed to overshadow the essence of
living, leaving some trapped in the monotony of repetitive work without truly savoring the
core of life. I yearned to comprehend the underlying discontent within this subset of
people. To rescue them from the dullness that had crept into their lives, I sought the
assistance of Cupid, the emblem of love.
In my perspective, this eternal envoy of love embodied the innocence and joy of a
child. With hearts aflame for humanity’s love affair with life, these cupids arrived in the
mortal realm like blank canvases, eager to experience human life and script stories of
happiness for those they encountered. Yet, a question lingered: Why did people
occasionally overlook the precious value of their own existence? As people grew indifferent
to the world around them, becoming colder and less empathetic, the hues of love and
warmth appeared to gradually fade.


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