How To Care, Clean and Store for Original Oil Painting

You’ve made an investment in artwork you love, it’s worth a little extra effort to keep your pieces in the best possible condition

      • Room selection : Paintings are displayed at the best place at home where it gets maximum views, but room selection is a handy task. A room should have proper lighting, but make sure to hang paintings away from direct sunlight, bright overhead lights and fireplaces. Don’t keep the painting in the room with fluctuating temperature and also make sure, the wall where the painting is to be hanged is not damped/moist, as all these conditions tend to harm the painting in many ways.
      • Hanging the painting: Before you hang the painting, make sure the hook is appropriate and strong, so that the painting doesn’t fall and get damaged. Don’t rely on regular nail for hanging a priceless painting.

      • Never lean the front or back surface of a stretched canvas on a pointed or sharp object, no matter how small. This will leave a dent that will disfigure your painting.
      • You might want to dust your painting regularly, so that a thick layer of dust does not build up which will dry out the paint and possibly result in cracking and peeling. Do not spray anything (like pledge) on the work. Dust with a soft, dry cloth or brush .
      • If the surface of your painting looks dry and dull, you may want to have it varnished. Please contact the artist . Varnish is a protective surface which will not only enhance the image, but will keep the surface intact and safe from cracking (except under extreme circumstances, of course).

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