Superheroes: Redefined

The First Solo Exhibition by Karwai Chan

Superheroes: Redefined is a salute, to fighters, lionhearts, to all superheroes. This collection commemorates the artist’s strength and breakthrough from her ordeal of being a victim of a bully during childhood. A. bitter experience she had to bear throughout her life which has now been manifested into pure strength, through paint and onto canvas. Her seamless transition of emotions to canvas is manifested in the fine details and deep unspoken energy of her artworks.

Launching event of Superheroes: Redefined.

A true talent and a voice for the youth, Chan demonstrates that art encapsulates the pain, the freedom, and the majestic strength of empowering yourself and how art conveys a vision of coherence, softens pain, and gives beauty and hope.

Man Wonder Woman, Superheroes: Redefined.

Check out the artworks from Superheroes: Redefined here.


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